I say it best when I say nothing at all…

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So, I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to think of something awe inspiring to write my first piece on. I want it to be AMAZING! I want it to be exactly what you want to read. After all, this is what I have been working towards for the past 9 months.

I want it to be so uplifting and on point that you go, “OMFG, this chic is all over it…quick share it around and lets all get the word out to nourish ourselves, mind, body and spirit, and this chic (whoever she is) is going to help us all do that- Get on her blog and Facebook page QUICK!!!… COPS, Fireies, Ambos, Service Men and Woman…Anyone…Check this shit out!!! She is saying what we have been waiting to hear!!!” Overkill? mmmmm maybe.

I have had some super ideas pop into my head, gagging to be born into the world of blogging, but they are not how I want to start off this shindig. This is a big deal to me and I don't want to fuck it up from the get-go. I am also only new at this whole blogging thing, so I don’t want to draw too much attention or be shut down by the ‘Powers That Be’, cause I am still feeling my way. To be honest, I’m still kinda trying to decide if my bent sense of humour can be transferred into the written word without me looking like a fuckstick. I also think I may need someone to point out where ‘that line’ is too, you know the one; the one I shouldn't cross.

Each time my Husband has seen me on my laptop in the last few weeks, he snickers to himself and asks me if I'm “Mogging” in a stupid voice. It seems to be a joke he cant get enough of…combining the word ‘Mum’ and ‘Blogging’. Well done Sir, Well Done. (insert slow sarcastic clap). “Show me your Mog” he says as I slam the laptop closed before he sees the blank page.

I haven't had the heart to tell him yet that I can’t be Mogging cause I don't yet have a topic suitable to mog about. I haven't yet found MY topic, MY topic to inspire ‘Those Who Serve’ within our wonderful country. I cant tell him that I don't know how to start and in my head, it seems so simple, so needed, but when it comes to putting it on my screen, I have nothing but good intentions and good intentions don't make for a good mog.

I CAN’T tell you what I will write my first piece on, but I CAN tell you what I will write my future pieces on. I can tell you what the topics are that are gagging to be born into the wonderful world of social media;

  • Gratitude- have we lost the meaning of it?
  • Toxicity in the workplace and how it plays a role in emotional health.
  • The mindset backflip- It’s not hippy shit!
  • Breath the shit outta it.
  • Is this what you signed up for? Well…Is it?
  • You put what in your mouth?
  • What do you tell yourself?
  • Give me back my rose coloured glasses.
  • Do we still work in 1950?
  • Quick, healthy dinners for the shift working parent.
  • PTSD, what to expect and how to help.
  • What does ‘Broken’ mean anyway?
  • "You’re Welcome!"
  • Winter is Coming...
  • My Tie Dye Kid and how we support him.
  • Workplace Bullies- are you one?
  • ‘000’ meltdowns- we all have ‘em - how to help.
  • Breath in the good and breath out the shit.
  • Counting sheep. Counting them again.
  • Kids. What they can actually teach us.
  • Wiggle it, just a little bit.
  • Who cleans the clearer?
  • Meditate- yes really!
  • Is there such thing as a work/life balance and how to get it?
  • Entitlement Vs Accomplishment.
  • Are you sad, mad or just bat shit crazy?
  • Smile. You look like you just ate a shit sandwich!
  • And Many, Many, Many more including Guest and Ghostwriter articles as well as daily life stuff ill throw in along the way

Getting the ideas on what to write about is the easy bit. I have always enjoyed writing and I know how it feels to work in it... thats right, in ‘it’. In the shit that sometimes overcomes the bigger picture for ‘Those That Serve’. More importantly I get that people are people, not numbers. We get angry, we get frustrated, we get sad. We sometimes feel overwhelmed and unappreciated and just want to throw a big toddler like tantrum (and sometimes we do). I also know how reassuring it is to know others feel the same way and I strongly feel that we can embrace and own how we feel, then we can do something about it.

What do you know. I think I have just managed to get through my first article without actually saying anything at all. Without locking myself into any particular topic that will set the scene for my new project; and for me, an out-spoken recalcitrant, who is constantly having something to say about something…anything, thats pretty good.

One of the biggest things I have learnt recently is that I do say it best, when I say nothing at all…so read along friends as my fingers dance over my keyboard and present to you how to adapt and overcome the darkness, to embrace a positive mindset in a not so positive, fogged reality and we can share some laughs and stories along the way.

I have a contact page where you can connect with me. If YOU wish to write an article or share a story (without identifying your exact profession and how you serve your community or country) please let me know. I’d LOVE to include it! Likewise, if you have a topic you wish me to write about throw it my way too.