Getting an Enrolment Kit to kick off your introduction to essential oils is the best and most cost effective option. When buying a kit, doTERRA absorb the $35 membership fee and provide far greater savings than buying the oils individually.

They have also done the hard work for you and put together collections of amazingly useful and favourite oils that you will use again and again.

If you already know which kit you are after, head to and Click on ‘JOIN AND SAVE’ then follow the prompts to kick off your personal wholesale account.

How I use my oils...

In my house, we use them for everything from:

  • Replacing the toxic and chemical household cleaning products
  • Making safe, phthalate free (potent hormone/endocrine disruptor), toxin free perfume/cologne
  • Naturally flavouring food (preservative free)
  • Calming my kids down, helping them focus and stay grounded in the day and to sleep at night
  • Supporting our emotions, immune system, respiratory function, cellular health, digestive system/gut, energy & vitality, nervous system, emotions, hormones and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

I also have a private members only support group on Facebook, full of info you will have access to once you enrol and get your membership. It’s a fantastic community full of people like YOU who are using, sharing and loving their oils and supplements.

How can I serve my community/country/world with doTERRA?

This is a wonderful, totally optional part of having a wholesale account with doTERRA and I would love to empower, inspire and support you on this path if you choose to walk it with me. I can teach you just how simple it can be to create a thriving, ethical, joyful and truly abundant business, which can work around an existing career if you choose, and give you the warm fuzzy feeling in your belly you got as a kid when you did something nice.

To find out more about the option of earning with doTERRA go here.

I look forward to having you a part our amazing team Nourished People using, loving and sharing these essential oils.


GENERAL guideline for dilution is 1 drop eo to 15ml (tablespoon) carrier oil for infants. 1 drop to 5ml for children and 1 drop to 2ml for adults. Again this is a general guideline for those brand new to oils and particularly for more caustic oils like Oregano, Digestzen, Peppermint, OnGuard etc. As you get to know the oils more and make perfume blends etc this will change depending on sensitivity and oils used, for example Lavender and Frankincense are generally much gentler on the skin so you may not require such a heavy dilution. Please do not get so hung up or obsessed about exact amounts and get to know your oils.

Check out the doTERRA blog to find loads of recipes and hints and tips about how to use them.