Hey Stress, What’s up? by Kat.B

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If you don't ever feel stressed, there is no need for you to be here, (but first please PM me your secret)

.... if you regularly feel yourself 'stressing out' then keep reading as you might find this little blog helpful.

WARNING: Its a long babbling one.... but such an important topic to be aware of when trying to live a healthy balanced life.
I'm willing to put money on it that if you are alive, you’ve felt stress.
Stress is personal. Ones unpleasant experience may be another’s exhilarating adventure. Just like stress release is personal.

We all know that to reverse STRESSED you have DESSERTS. For some of us, it makes us feel better to devour the nearest vanilla slice, or sticky date pudding, or banoffee pie, or Oreo biscuits… o.k I’m dreaming about snacking myself into a sugar coma right now.
Others prefer exercise or meditation. Some turn to prescription drugs, recreational drugs, gambling and alcohol to halt feeling stressed.

Really we need to know that short term stress is a totally NORMAL is part of life. A traffic jam, lighting the stove on fire cooking dinner, running late, someone stealing my car spot, these things cause me daily little surges of stress.
The real worry starts when we are under relentless long term stress. Things like the demands of work, family trouble or health issues.

Ongoing stress for me at the moment is trying to bring up a business while bringing up my babies, that don’t sleep… like ever, while keeping a semi tidy house, the kids in clean clothes, everyone fed cause no one likes ‘hangry’, while making time to make sure my husband knows how awesome I think he is. I haven’t even gone back to my full-time job yet.

Some days, alright, most days, I run on adrenaline and coffee …. and I know, it’s not healthy.
To use a work place example I’m familiar with… look at emergency services. They go to work every day in a psychologically stressful environment. Danger, high demands from the community and management, they encounter human misery daily and are exposed to death and destruction more than any human being ever should be. Without some constructive stress management techniques in place how can one possibly be balanced and healthy?

Stress has huge impacts on your body. In an attempt to keep this short and sweet (so while proofing this post I realise there’s nothing SHORT about it) I will only name a few.  

  • During periods of stress your ‘fight or flight’ response is activated and adrenaline starts racing around in your body. If the stressor doesn’t go away this heightened adrenaline may amongst many other things cause insomnia, anxiety and irritability, all of which take their toll. On both you and the people you live with, wouldn’t those things just make you so pleasant to be around?
  • While stressed your cardio vascular system works harder to pump blood around the body and hormones can cause your blood vessels to restrict, raising your blood pressure… heart attack anyone?
  • Under stress your liver produces additional glucose (because most of us really need extra sugar right?). Stress causes muscles to tighten, leading to body aches all over.
  • A stressed person may suffer from a lowered sex drive. Women may lose their desire for sex (even more than we usually do after a few babies), while stress can cause erectile dysfunction for men….. If I haven’t got you hating on stress already this should have got your attention.
  • Those adrenal glands that release all that adrenaline also release cortisol. Now while short term cortisol can help you heal, over time cortisol can compromise your immune system. People under chronic stress are more likely to fall prey to viruses like the common cold. So maybe that colleague, that's always having a 'sickie' is legit unwell because they are stressed out of their mind.

So the point to all this..... we have to learn to say “FUCK YOU STRESS & THE HORRIBLE THINGS YOU DO TO ME.”
For your own health and happiness take the time to learn to RECOGNISE your own PERSONAL STRESSORS and stress signals. ACKNOWLEDGE how its making you feel, DON’T IGNORE IT … do your best to find a constructive way deal with it.

No surprises that I use exercise, eating well and unnecessarily long blog posts, to counteract the excessive amounts of adrenaline I no doubt have coursing through my body.

What is your number one way to release yourself from stress?

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I am often contacted via social media regarding what oils or products I use to support my emotions and symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety & Sleep;

  • An additive and preservative free diet- Im not saying I don't eat bad food, I just eat “Bad Clean Food”- Hahahahah!
  • A Bath and some ME TIME check out my Get Wet & Release blog 
  • Daily meditation and positive manifesting- even when I want to throat punch the world

I also take the daily the Life Long Vitality Pack (LLV) supplements by doterra which include;

  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • High Grade Omega Oils
  • Cellular Protection Complex

I snort and diffuse the shit outta the doTERRA Oils listed below;

Balance (Grounding Blend) I place a couple of drops of this in my palms constantly throughout the day, rub my palms together, cup it to my nose and breathe the shit outta it with 3 BIG breaths.  I will accompany it with an affirmation depending on how I am needing to feel i.e. "I am calm and in control of my emotions."  I find it assists at times I am about to be overcome by emotion of anger, frustration or sadness.  It also calms me if I am becoming overwhelmed by my environment.

Lavender is calming for the mind. It is like a big aromatic hug when you need it and has amazing restful qualities to support my sleep. I uses this at night time, in my diffuser, as an aromatic anchor for sleep. I also rub it into the bottoms of my feet and big toe with some fractionated coconut oil, or put it in a bath before bedtime.

Peace Touch promotes feelings of contentment, composure, and reassurance when anxious feelings overwhelm my emotions.  I roll this little baby onto my wrists throughout the day when I feel a blanket of anger rising up.

Vetiver is taken from the root system and is deeply earthing.  When taking a big breath of Vetiver directly from my hands, I feel the calming effects almost instantly.  It is an extremely masculine aroma and I find it provides stabilisation to my extreme and sometimes irrational moods.  It's like the slap in the face you sometimes need, but it does it lovingly- HAHAHA.  

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